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Bath & Massage Oil - Wake Formula

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Image of Bath & Massage Oil - Wake Formula Image of Bath & Massage Oil - Wake Formula

Try our new highly hydrating, energizing, and all natural 2 in 1 Bath & Massage Oil. The "WAKE" edition is specially formulated to used the the morning/daytime to wake your senses and get you're mind and body ready for the day! Infused with various essential oils that promote healthy skin & mental health, including grapefruit, orange, and rosehip oil. Can be added to warm bath or used as a massage/moisturizing oil.

(CBD version coming soon!)

Benefits Include:
♡ Grapefruit Essential Oil -- Benefits include cleansing the body, reducing depression, stimulating the immune system, curving sugar cravings, & aids weight loss
♡ Pure Orange Oil -- Benefits include increases circulation, kills bacteria, decreases wrinkles, improves complexion, easing anxiety, decreasing hypertension, treat chronic fatigue, & mood booster
♡ High in natural antioxidants
♡ Reduced oxidation stress & anxiety
♡ Reduces wrinkles, aging skin, dry skin
♡ Effectively detoxes the skin & body
Directions & Use:
Pour desired amount in warm bath. Spread evening throughout water & enjoy. Can also be used as a massages or moisturizing oil (we recommended 2 - 4 drops).
100% All natural & Handmade.
Non-Comedogenic & Paraben Free.
Volume: 2 oz
Ingredients: cold pressed hemp seed oil, almond oil, vegetable glycerin, rosehip oil, grapefruit essential oil, pure orange oil, bergamont oil, grapeseed oil, lemongrass essential oil