Kush and Cute


Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating quality products that educate and encourage our customers to better understand, use, and normalize the benefits and healing power of the cannabis plant. We want to bring customers back to the idea of using nature to heal ourselves inside and out. 

Kush & Cute was created August 2016 in Orange County, California.

After working and being a patient in the cannabis industry I noticed something quite interesting; that it was overwhelmingly dominated by men and that women in the industry were being used more as advertisements instead of investments.

I felt women in weed weren’t being represented, and clearly remember going to cannabis events and being one of a handful of women in the room. And usually the only woman of color as well. I so badly wanted do something but didn’t know what.

One day while making my homemade body scrub it came to me. Eventually I combined my  love for making natural skincare, knowledge and passion for all thing cannabis, and desire to create a female driven cannabis company all in one...wah-laa Kush & Cute was born!

All Kush & Cute  products are handmade, handpicked, and tested to perfection. Lots of time and love goes into every single item from beginning to end to ensure you have the best experience possible. The quality of our products and services always remain high.

Thank you again for visiting Kush & Cute and we hope you find something you love.

Sincerely Creator/CEO of Kush & Cute


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